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April 10th, 2015

Tukwila City Council President, Kate Kruller has announced her candidacy for re-election to Position 6 on the City Council.  This year, she will complete her first four-year term as a councilmember.  Kate also currently serves as the President of the Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District Board of Commissioners.

Kruller has lived and worked in Tukwila for many years and became a homeowner in the community in 1992.  She brings with her a 30-plus year professional career, featuring broad experience in project management and information technology, currently working at the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts.

“My goal is to encourage responsible city budgets, continue to support reliable public safety and aid services, find ways to provide affordable housing and safe neighborhoods, and to work toward improved transportation options for Tukwila residents through good government, Kruller said.”

“During my time on the Council, key accomplishments include getting the Tukwila Village project underway, reinstituting reserve funds in the City budget, moving swiftly to initiate the Tukwila International Boulevard clean up, making more investments in sidewalk construction and pathways to our schools, improving the Tukwila Sound Transit rail station, and supporting the startup of a new Metro RapidRide F Line connecting Tukwila to Burien, Renton and SeaTac, just to name a few.”

Representing Tukwila, and in collaboration with many other cities, Kruller currently serves as a member of the Sound Cities Association Public Issues Committee (PIC) , Vice Chair of Regional Law, Safety and Justice Committee,  and was selected to the National League of Cities Transportation, Infrastructure and Services Steering Committee.

During this term, she earned a Certificate of Municipal Leadership in a training program from the Association of Washington Cities and is on track to obtain the Advanced CML this year.  “You need to have a passion for continuous learning,” she said.  “As a councilmember, you process so much information it is vital to absorb as much current information as you can about legal standards, resource management, community planning and development and effective local leadership as possible.”

Here at home, Kate continues to work shoulder-to-shoulder with neighbors in the community on through groups like the Tukwila International Boulevard Action Committee (TIBAC), Tukwila Pantry Food Bank, Tukwila Historical Society, Tukwila Emergency Communications Team (TEC Team), Community Emergency Response team (CERT), Friends of Duwamish working at the Duwamish Preserve, Rotary Club of Duwamish Southside, and any effort that helps the Tukwila Pool be a sustainable and efficient aquatic center for the community.

“I try to volunteer as much as possible, stay in touch with what’s happening in our neighborhoods, listen to people from all walks of life, and improve things in the community whenever I get the opportunity,” said Kruller.

Being in touch, and having a servant leader spirit, is fundamental to what she believes qualifies her to run for office again.   “I am devoted to representing what the people who live here in Tukwila want, and what makes sense for Tukwila.”

Information on Kruller’s campaign will appear at www.Kate4Tukwila.com

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